9 Tracks: Haltandans * Old Hoose O' Tarrarit * Reel Sisimiut * Polskas * TQ2 * Osteroy Sunday Morning * Doon Da Rooth * Ristie Time * Light Ida Lum.

The latest album from the exciting Shetland folk musicians Haltandans.

They predominantly play traditional Shetland music although they have now added their own thrilling compositions.

Having formed three years ago for the Shetland Folk Festival they are now Shetland folk scene regulars, playing in rural halls in islands such as Fair Isle, Foula and Fetlar.

Haltadans are Ewen Thomson (fiddle), Lois Nicol (fiddle) Maurice Henderson (fiddles, octave viola), Grant Nicol (guitar), John Clark (bass).

Special guest: Jenny Henry (mandolin track 8).

"Haltadans is a well-drilled musical machine which when in full flow produces a spectacular sound. Shetland music at its best." – The Shetland Times

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