(1994) 14 tracks: Strathspey and Reel: King George IV Strathspey / The King's Reel * Jigs: Blue Bonnets / Larach Alasdair / Margaret MacLachlan * Strathspeys and Reels: The Back of Change House / Lucy Campbell's / Yetts O'Muckhart / Go Immediately / High Road To Linton * Schottische: Father John MacMillan of Barra / Sprig of Ivy * Hornpipes: St Joseph's / Crossing the Minch * Air: MacGregor's Search * Strathspeys and Reels: Cameron's Strathspey / The Crippled Boy / The Devil In the Kitchen / Lady Margaret Stewart / Tail Toddle / Sleepy Maggie * Marches, Strathspeys and Reels: Helen Black of Inveran / Dalnahasaig / Auld Reekie / The Glen Where the Deer Is / Spark's Rant * Air: O' A' the Airts the Wind Can Blaw * Marches: Battle of Waterloo / Wee Highland Laddie / 8th Argyll's Farewell to the 116th Regiment de Ligne / The Boy's Lament for his Dragon * Slip Jigs: Brose and Butter / Up Wi' Eli Eli / Souter's O'Selkirk / Go to Berwick Johnny / Lochaber Dance / Stumpie * Strathspey and Reel * Air: Mrs Hamilton of Pitcaithland * Reels: Molly Rankin's / Brenda Stubbert's / Jack Daniel's.

Sets of tunes from Scotland and Cape Breton played on Highland pipes, Border pipes and Scottish smallpipes.

Musicians include Hilda Chaisson (piano), Jerry Holland (fiddle), Paul MacDonald (guitar), Rod Paterson (vocals), Ian Hardie (fiddle), Wendy Weatherby (cello) and Dick Lee (sax).

"This album ought to change the way Scots in Scotland perceive and interpret traditional music." (Sing Out, USA)

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