(November 2000) 16 tracks: Aidan O’Rourke with Malcolm Stitt - George McHardy / Miller o’Drone / The Rejected Lover / Hazy Hill * Sarah McFadyen with Kris Drever - Starter For Twelve * Liz Doherty - Donegal Reel / The Tartar Frigate / The Waves of Rush * Kenny Fraser - Beautiful Lake Ainslie * Clare Mann with Aaron Jones - Tune For Frankie / Mutt’s Favourite / Ril Ghearoid Ui Chroinin * John McCusker with Ian Carr and Iain MacDonald - Boys of the Puddle / The Scullion’s Wife * Eilidh Shaw with Russell Hunter - Ola Backstrom's Tune * Maeve and Orna Gilchrist - Maeve’s Tune / Rannie MacLellan / My Kindly Sweetheart / The Ale Is Dear * Gillian Boucher and Ewan MacPherson - Seamus Connelly's / Humours of Lisadell / Reel of Rio * Anna-Wendy Stevenson with Malcolm Stitt - Jean Mauchline / Tune For Nuala * Simon Bradley with Xel Pereda - Shelly’s Reel / Untitled Irish / Major Campbell Graham MBE * Jennifer and Hazel Wrigley - The Princess' Polka / Unknown / Sean McGuire's * Derek and Sarah Hoy - Missinyersel / The Olympian / Andy Coogan's Jig * Russell Hunter with Sandy Wright - Annie Laurie * Clare McLaughlin with Chris Drever - The Gates of Mullagh / Stasia’s Reel / The Dark Horse Reel * Marianne Campbell with Douglas Caskie - Beard and Bee's Knees.

A dedicated album of Celtic fiddle music performed by the top exponents on the traditional scene today. Seventy minutes of top class fiddle music from players from bnds including Tabache, Salsa Celtica, Battlefield Band, The Poozies, Anam, Llan de Cubel, Deaf Shepherd and cMc as well as new talent. Many were guest musicians at Edinburgh's Fiddle 2000 extravaganza, the biggest celebration of Scots fiddle anywhere in the world.

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