Ho-Ro-Gheallaidh vol 3 - Session Tunes For Scottish Fiddlers

Ho-Ro-Gheallaidh vol 3 - Session Tunes For Scottish Fiddlers

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Tunes: Alasdair Mac Alasdair * Am Bodach Le Tri Ordagan * An Drochaid Chliteach * Andy's Saltire * Anlan McKinney * The Appropriate Dipstick * Ashley's Strathspey * Banish Misfortune * The Banshee * Basil The Retriever * Ben Williams Of Tiree * The Black Hat * The Bodhran Maker's Jig * Bulgarian Red * Calum Fhionnlaidh * The Canongate Twitch * The Cellar Sessions * Celtic Thunder * Chloe's Passion * The Contradiction Reel * Cunningsburgh 251 * The Dashing White Eejit * Delighted * Donella Beaton * Farewell To Whalley Range * Farquhar And Hettie's Waltz * Father Francis Cameron's Reel * The Fox Hunters * Frank's Reel * Garry Porch of Avernish * Ghoid Iad Bhean Uam Reir * The Glasgow Reel * The Green Fields Of Glentown * The Grumbler * The Highlander's Revenge * Invercassley Falls * The Islay Ranters * Janine's * The Joy Of It! * Kenneth MacDonald * Kirsties * Kohler's Hornpipe * Last Tango In Harris * Lauren McKeowen's * Leaving Stoer * MacArthur Road * MacLeod's Farewell * Maggie's Pancakes * Maggie West's Waltz * Malcom's Reel * Marni Swanson Of The Grey Coast * McGrath The Cobbler * Michael's Mazurka * McGoldrick's No.1 * Mick Hand's * Miss Angela Gillies Of Borve * The Monaghan Jig * Morag's Reel * The Mortgage Burn * The Mountain Road * Mouth Of The Tobique * Mutt's Favourite * Nova Criona * O'Keeffe's Slide * The Piccaloed Polka * The Point Road * Punch In The Dark * The Quiet American * The Quiet Man * The Rector At The Feis * The Reel Of Rio * The Rizla * The Road To Banff * The Road To Errogie * The Roaring Barmaid * The Salvation * The Sandpiper * Sandy Macintyre's Trip To Boston * Shovel Tongue * Simon Thoumire's Jig * Sliabh Russell * Snoring Khazi * Talla Bhreacais * Tamlin * Tiocfaidh Tu Abhaile Liom * The Tipsy Sailor * Trip To Herve's * The Trip To Pakistan * The Twisted Bridge * Two Fifty To Vigo * Union Street Session * The Waves Of Rush * The Wedding Reel * Wing Commander Donald MacKenzie.

This is the third book in a series of session tunes for fiddle.

Many of these tunes, though contemporary, have already stood the test of time from the 1990's to the present day and are very popular at sessions in various parts of Scotland.

This collection includes a few strathspeys, waltzes and even a mazurka!

Compiled and arranged by Christine Martin and Anne Hughes.

Book format A4 clear print in staff notation and chords

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