(July 2011) 10 tracks: Sylvia / Tulloch's Farewell Tae Da Hagdale * Rowin Foula Doon (Da Sang O Da Papamen) * Huckleberry Hornpipe / Homesteader's Reel / Donkey Reel * Caledonia * Niamh's Capers / Toss The Feathers / Pinch Of Snuff * Shaskeen / Paddy Faheys / Fair Jenny * Miss Rowan Davies * Smugglers * I'll Remember You This Way * Moving Cloud.

One of Shetland's all time classic recordings has been digitally remastered and re-released after twenty one years.

Gary Peterson (tenor banjo, mandolin), Peter Miller (bass, vocals), Davie Henry (mandolin, vocals, guitar, tenor banjo), Ivor Pottinger (vocals, guitar), Steven Spence (fiddle).

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