(April 2013) 15 tracks: The Troops Of Mull * Slainte * Waltzing With Calum * Fantasmagorical * Captain Carswell's Castle * Kilberry Twostep * Pat The Budgie * Burns Plus One * The Hampden Set * Jim Royle's Banjo Favourites * Lifting Anchor * Waltz From The West * Ladies Choice * Turned Full Circle * Saunter Through Ireland.

Fifteen tracks of the best in Scottish Dance Music including Fantasmagorical classic songs from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, from Iain and band.

They have carefully selected a number of their favourite sets of jigs, reels and marches together with some beautiful waltzes arranged by pianist Graham Berry.

Recorded for the first time ever, an"out of genre" medley entitled FANTASMAGORICAL!, the band's magical arrangement of the classic songs from the hit musical from stage and screen Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Iain, inspired from a performance of the show at the Edinburgh Playhouse arranging this medley for the band.

The arrangement, like the show, was an immediate hit with the boys in the band!

Iain Cathcart (accordion), Alistair McCulloch (fiddle), James Coutts (2nd accordion), Graham Berry (piano), Mark MacDougall (bass), Scott Gordon (drums).

"The lively, accurate and swingy playing makes it easy to listen to over and over again. Many bands seem to have a sameness these days but Iain’s melodic blend coupled with his interpretation of the tunes ensures his band has an unmistakable sound." (Simon Howie, Dunning).

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