12 tracks: M'eudail air do shùilean donna/Làrach do thacaidean * Och nan och tha mi fo mhulad * Mo nighean donn 's toigh leam thu * 'S e Siabost as bòidhche leam * Màiri mhìn mheall-shùileach * Eilean beag Leòdhais * Banais Mòr Chamshroin * Ceann Loch an Dùin * Ochoin a Rìgh gur e mi tha muladach * Mòr nighean a' Ghibearlain * Bu tu mo chruinneag bhòidheach * Dìreadh nam beann àrda.

"Over the years the island of Lewis has been the cradle for many fine traditional singers who have gone on to gain recognition and renown in the wider world of folksong and entertainment generally. lain MacKay could easily have been one of their number, but luckily for the Highlands, he chose to remain on his home island, where he married and now has a happy family of four girls and a boy. lain is a popular singer throughout the Highlands and Islands and beyond, and is heard and seen regularly on radio and television. He won the Gold Medal for traditional singing at the National Mod in Inverness in 1972, and was the winner of the Seann Nos at the Pan-Celtic Festival in Killarney a few years later. Before that, he recorded for Gaelfonn and his LP on the Lismor label, although now deleted, is still carefully hoarded by folksong collectors. The surprising thing is that such a popular singer has recorded very little for his enthusiastic public. He now however makes amends with this album. I have no doubt as to its success." (Fred MacAulay, Former Head of Gaelic, BBC Scotland)

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