9 Tracks: Siubhal * Eas * A Flame Of Wrath For Patrick Caogach * The Little Spree * Crackle * To the Sea * Too Long In This Condition * R. Morar * You're My Letting Go.

A sixth solo album from musician, singer and writer Iain Morrison, who hails from the Outer Hebrides.

From a young age Iain loved the classical music of the highland pipes (piobaireachd), his father Iain Snr taught him using a technique called canntaireachd (which is a form of singing).

He gave up the world of solo piping and went on his own musical journey.

Each track on 'Eas' is based on 'piobaireachd', the classical music of the highland bagpipes.

Eas is the gaelic word for cascade or waterfall.

Iain is well known for his work as writer and singer with the Scottish Indie band Crash My Model Car.

His father is Iain M. Morrison, one of the world's leading voices and tutors in the world of piobaireachd.

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