(March 2012) 11 tracks: Solway Sands * Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy * Slip Set: Celeste / Going For A Spin * Help Me Find My Way Home * The Muckin' O' Geordie's Byre * Above Wild Water * The Call And The Answer * Fly Like An Eagle * Esiro Te Kili Country Life * Burnsong Suite: Deugh And Ken / Seasons Of The River / Acid Rain * Pachelbel's Canon.

A real mixture of styles. Anything from modern Scottish bagpipe tunes by Vic to reggae tinges.

A couple of songs from Ian Bruce/Charlie Milne and some songs written by Ian and a couple of batches of Dumfries and Galloway schoolkids during the height of the Rivers And Burns project.

Ian Bruce (vocals, guitars, mandolin, bodhran, keyboard, percussion), Victor Besch (vocals, accordions, highland bagpipes, recorders, spoons).

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