10 Tracks: Here We've Landed * Wind And Weather / The Fishermen And The Sea * Lise's * The Snowstorm * Dark Stacks * Paper Sea * East O' Buness * Satellites * Hands For Da Haff / Feat Kuna * Song For Sheep Rock.

Da Fishing Hands is a body of music by the talented composer, singer/accordionist Inge Thomson and features lyrics by Lise Sinclair.

This project was commissioned by Fair Isle Marine Environment and Tourism Initiative (FIMET) to highlight the influence of marine heritage and to raise awareness of the significance of the sea in the survival of an island community.

The result... an inspiring collection of songs and instrumental pieces skilfully crafted by Fair Isle's own singer/accordionist Inge Thomson (Harem Scarem/Karine Polwart Trio).

Inge commenced this project in collaboration with her cousin, Lise Sinclair.

Lise Sinclair was an extraordinary wordsmith and musician, several songs feature lyrics written by Lise, which sadly turned out to be her last work due to her untimely death, aged 42 in 2013.

This album was recorded as a live session in Mareel, Lerwick with Inge supported by world class musicians - Sarah Hayes, Fraser Fifield, Steven Polwart and Graeme Smillie.

"Da Fishing Hands" is a marine term, meaning fishing grounds, areas where you could be guaranteed to find a good catch. Finding the exact location of these hands required a deep knowledge of the isle geography, the cliff faces, stacks and ocean topography. This information was passed down through the generations.

Inge Thomson (vocals, accordion, electronics), Sarah Hayes (vocals, flute), Fraser Fifield (sax, kaval, whistles), Steven Polwart (guitars), Graeme Smillie (bass).

"Some of the finest music and poetry ever to have emerged from these fair isles." Pete Bevington, Sheland News.

"If I had to categorise this, I'd call it melodic electro-folk" Inge Thomson.

"We come and go like a breath that flickers for a moment on the oceans face." Lise Sinclair.

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