This title is a Music Scotland All Time Bestseller.

(1994) 11 tracks: Thig an smeòrach as t-Earrach (The thrush comes in Spring) * Chì mi'n toman (I see the hillock) * Aignis (Aiginish) * Tha mo spiorad cianail (My spirit is low) * Bha mi latha Samhraidh an Steòrnabhagh (One day in Stornoway), The Conundrum * 'S daor a cheannaich mi'n t-iasgach (I paid dearly for the fishing) * Ho ro chan eil cadal orm (I cannot sleep) * Gràdh geal mo chridh' (Fair love of my heart) * Gur muladach sgìth mi (I am sad and tired) * Bràigh Loch Iall (The braes of Locheil) * Oran na maighdinn-mhara (The Mermaid's Song).

"There are some voices so sublime they transcend all differences of language, culture, class or creed, and Ishbel MacAskill has one of them. I have watched this remarkable lady not only entrance a Catalan audience but also have them singing the true version of The Eriskay Love Lilt in Gaelic, with passable Lewis accents, too! That devastating combination of bubbly sense of fun, warm, low, golden pure tones and supreme interpretive skill could melt a heart of solid marble. When Ishbel sings, it is the song that matters, and all the tragedy, the hope, the endurance, the love and the courage of the Gaels shines through. Whether you have Gaelic or not, Ishbel's singing will speak to you and you will understand. This lovely album, lshbel's third, makes compelling listening - and for the misguided few who would still doubt the value and importance of Gaelic to the world's culture, should be compulsory." (Sheena Wellington)

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