(April 2000) 9 tracks: Baron of Brackley * Battle of Harlaw * Barthams Dirge * Twa Corbies * Banks of Sweet Dundee * Helen of Kirkconnell * Eppie Morrie * Reynardine * Lammikin.

The Scottish ballads in this album are brimming with intrigue, murder, blood feuds and betrayals, supported by the pride and courage of heroes or victims. This special edition is a unique collection of traditional ballads about Scotland's turbulent past. Isla St Clair was twelve when she recorded the first of many ballads for the School of Scottish Studies and which are still used as reference works. Isla is joined by Joe O'Donnell on fiddle and Danny Prendergast on guitar.

"Isla St Clair brings generations of Scottish war-gaming to life. If you're looking for real Scots minstrelling, this is the genuine article." (Sunday Times Magazine)

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