James Hunter - The Fiddle Music Of Scotland

James Hunter - The Fiddle Music Of Scotland

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A comprehensive annotated collection of 365 tunes edited by Alastair And William Hardie.

With an historical introduction; foreword by Yehudi Menuhin.

This, the most all-embracing collection of Scottish fiddle music undertaken in the 20th century, includes slow airs, marches, strathspeys, reels and rants, hornpipes, jigs and pastorals.

All the major composers are represented - the Gows, Marshall, Fraser and Skinner - and all the melodies are fully bowed for the instrument.

The introduction traces the history of the fiddle and the music through the centuries, and contains a section on the specialised bowing techniques which give Scottish fiddle music some of its unique qualities. Appendix notes.

The cover illustration of Niel Gow (1727-1807) violinist and composer, is reproduced from the [painting by Sir Henry Raeburn and used by permission of the National Galleries of Scotland.

AIRS AND PASTORALS: Miss Graham Of Inchbrakie (Nath Gow) * Miss Lucy Johnston's Compliments To Neil Gow (L Johnston) * Mairi Bhan Og: Mary, Young And Fair * Mrs Hamilton Of Pencaitland (Nath Gow) * Coilfield House (Nath Gow) * Lady Ann Hope's Favourite (Niel Gow) * Lament Of The Death Of The Rev Archie Beaton (J Mason) * Auld Robin Gray (Rev W Leeves arr J M Hunter) * Niel Gow Lamentation For James Moray Esq Of Abercarney (Niel Gow) * MacPherson's Rant (J MacPherson) * The Nameless Lass (Wm Marshall) * Mrs Helen N Robertson (A S Robertson) * Sitting On The Stern Of A Boat (Rev W McLeod) * The Bonnie Banks Of Ayr * Caoidh Na H'Alba' Airson Nial Gobha: Caledonia's Wail For Niel Gow - Her Favourite Minstrel (Capt S Fraser) * Cluny Castle (A Troup) * The Hills Of Lorne (C Hunter) * Major Graham Of Inchbrake (Niel Gow) * Niel Gow's Lament For The Death Of His Wife (Niel Gow) * Mrs Scott Skinner (J S Skinner) * The Bonnie Lass O' Bon-Accord (J S Skinner arr J M Hunter) * Bonnie Glenfarg (J S Skinner) * Berryden Cottage (P Milne) * Bovaglie's (Or Roualeyn's) Plaid (J S Skinner) * The Cradle Song (J S Skinner) * The Braes Of Auchtertyre (Crockat: arr J S Skinner) * Dargai (J S Skinner) * The Flower Of The Quern (J S Skinner arr J M Hunter) * Hector (MacDonald) The Hero (J S Skinner) * The Fallen Chief ( J S Skinner) * Lament Of Flora MacDonald (Niel Gow Jnr) * MacGillamun's Oran Mor (G MacIlwham) * Mrs Jamieson's Favourite (C Grant) * Margaret Ann Robertson (F R Jamieson) * Mrs Major L. Stewart Of The Island Of Java (Wm Marshall) * The Music Of Spey (J S Skinner) * Rose Acre ( J S Skinner ) * The Rose-Bud Of Allenvale ( J S Skinner) * Duncan Davidson * Miss Laura Andrew (J S Skinner) * Angus Cameron's Compliments To Alex Webster (A Cameron) * Mr Garden Of Troup's Farewell To France (R Petrie ) * The Auld Wife Ayont The Fire (J M Hunter) * The Marquis Of Huntly's Snuff Mill (Wm Marshall) * Gun Bhris Mo Chridh O'n Dh'Fhalbh Thu: My Heart Is Broken Since Thy Departure) * The Duchess Of Manchester's Farewell To The Highlands Of Scotland (Wm Marshall) * Farewell To Whisky (Niel Gow) * Greig's * Chapel Keithack (Wm Marshall) * The Duchess Of Bedford (Wm Marshall) * A Bhean An Tigh Nach Leig U Steach: Gudewife, Admit The Wanderer * Huntly Lodge (Wm Marshall) * Nach Truagh Mo Chas: Hard Is My Fate * Lament For Sir Harry Lumsden, Bart Of Auchindoir (Wm Marshall) * Prince Charlie's Last View Of Scotland * Miss Wharton Duff (Wm Marshall) * Miss Campbell Of Saddell (Robt Mackintosh) * Lady Mary Primrose * Barain Chulrabhaig: The Ancient Barons Of Kilravock * The Auld Brig O' Don * Ho Cha Neil Mulad Oirnn: The Emigrant's Farewell * Roslin Castle * The Marchioness Of Huntly's Favourite (Wm Marshall) * The Weeping Birches Of Kilmorack (J S Skinner) * The Valley Of Silence (J S Skinner) * Slan Gun D' Thig Mo Run A Nall (Well May My True Love Arrive).

STRATHSPEYS: Miss Lyall (As played by Angus Grant) * Miss (Sarah) Drummond Of Perth * Taobh Tuath Nan Garbh Bheann: North Of The Grampians (Capt S Fraser) * Captain Campbell * The Brig O' Potarch (JS Skinner) * The Claymore (A Cameron) * The Duke Of Gordon's Birthday (Wm Marshall) * The Haughs O' Cromdale) * Cropies' Strathspey (P Milne) * Heilan Donald Kissed Kitty * Garthlands (Jas MacDonald) * Lady Ann Hope (J Pringle) * Lady Charlotte Campbell (Nath Gow)* The Laird O' MacIntosh * The Leys O' Luncarty * Mr Gordon Of Hallhead ( Wm Marshall) * Mr Oswald Of Auchincruive (Robt Mackintosh as played by Douglas Lawrence) * Monymusk (D Dow) * Sir George Clerk Of Pennycuick (Nath Gow) * Tullochgorum * Whistle O'er The Lave O't (Attr J Bruce) * The Auld Toon O' Ayr * Betty Washington (J S Skinner) * The Braes O' Mar (Attr John Coutts Of Deeside) * The Bridge Of Dee (J Young) * Brochan Lom * Cameron's Got His Wife Again * Clackacuddin * Craigellachie Brig (Wm Marshall) * Dunnottar Castle * The Forth Bridge (W Blyth) * Ferintosh Whisky * Huntly Lodge (Nath Gow) * Effie Glasgow Of Longmorn (Wm MacPherson) * Jessie Smith * Johnnie Steele (J Barnett) * Belladrum House ( As played by Angus Cameron) * The Marquis Of Huntly's Highland Fling (G Jenkins) * The Kirrie Kebbuck (J S Skinner) * Lady Mary Ramsay (Nath Gow) * Lord Lyndoch (P Agnew) * The Marquis Of Tweedale's Favourite (D MacDonald) * McKenzie Hay (J S Skinner) * Mrs Stewart Nicholson (Nath Gow) * The Miller O' Hirn (J S Skinner) * The Smith's A Gallant Fireman ( As played by Bill Hardie) * Mrs Inroy Of Lude (Joseph Lowe arr J M Hunter) * Stirling Castle (Prof Bannatyne as played by Bill hardie) * Carron Water * Captain Gillan (Wm Christie) * The Bob Of Dowally (arr J M Hunter) * Because He Was A Bonnie Lad * Crowhillock (A Duff) * The Devil's In The Kitchen * The Countess Of Crawford (P Milne as played by Arthur S Robertson) * Forbes Morrison (J S Skinner) * Gille-Callum * Glen Grant ( C Grant) * Glengrant (J S Skinner arr J M Hunter) * Highland Whisky ( Niel Gow) * The Iron Man WMF McHardy, Forgue (J S Skinner) * J F Dickie's Delight ( J M Henderson) * Lady Charlotte Bruce ( Wm Shepherd) * The Laird O' Thrums ( J S Skinner) * Glenlivet (Whisky) Minmore Schottiische (J S Skinner) * Lady Madelina Sinclair (Wm Marshall) * The Laird O' Drumblair (J S Skinner as played by Bill hardie) * Link Him Dodie * Madam Frederick (Wm Marshall) * The Marchioness Of Huntly (Wm Marshall) * The Marchioness Of Huntly ( Aboyne Castle) (P Milne) * Maggie Cameron (Arthur S Robertson) * The Miller Of Camserney (Archie Menzies) * The Marquis Of Huntly's Farewell ( Wm Marshall) * Miss Haldane Of Gleneagles * Miss Stewart Of Grantully (Niel Gow) * The Miller Of Drone (As played by Bill Hardie) * Miss Maule (Robt Mackintosh) * Mrs Hood (Abr Mackintosh) * Miss Admiral Gordon (Wm Marshall) * Mrs McKenzie Of Applecross (Joseph Lowe) * South Of The Grampians (Jas Porteous as played by Bill Hardie) * Stumpie * The Thorn Bush (Jas Fraser) * Tulchan Lodge (J S Skinner) * The Wag O' The Kilt (McKenzie Murdoch) * Mr William Davidson (Joseph Lowe) * Mar Castle (J S Skinner) * J O Forbes Of Corse (P Milne) * Braigh Bhanbh: The Highlands Of Banffshire * The Duchess Of Athole's Slipper (Niel Gow) * Lord Moira * Hon. Miss Elliot (J Pringle) * Miss Clementina Loughnan (Nath Gow) * Miss Farquharson Of Invercauld (Wm Marshall * Mrs Russell Of Blackhall (Robt Mackintosh) * Bruachan Loch Nis: The Bands Of Loch Ness * Mrs Garden Of Troup (R Petrie arr J M Hunter) * Brechin Castle) * The Braes Of Tullymet * The Duchess Of Buccleugh's Favourite * The Ewie With The Crooked Horn * Kintara (Wm Marshall) * Lady Boswell Of Auchinleck (Nath Gow) * Mackworth (J S Skinner arr J M Hunter) * Lady Charlotte Campbell (Robt Mackintosh) * The Marquis Of Huntly (Wm Marshall) * Master Francis Sitwell (Nath Gow) * Mrs Colquhoun Grant (I Cooper) * Mrs Menzies Of Culdare (A Duff) * Springfield (Abr Mackintosh) * Maise An Taobh Tuath The Beauty Of The North (Capt S Fraser) * Culloden House (J Anderson) * The Dean Brig O' Edinburgh (Archie Allan) * The Glories Of 'The Star' (J S Skinner) * The Marchioness Of Cornwallis (Wm Marshall) * Miss Coxe (Mrs McIntyre) * Sir James Grant (J Anderson).

REELS AND RANTS: Caber Feidh: The Deer's Antlers * The Hon. Mrs. Campbell Of Lochnell (Robt Mackintosh) * Brown's Reel * John O'Groat's House * Mrs Dundas Of Arniston (Wm Gow) * Miss Lyall (as played by Angus Cameron) * Miss Shepherd ( J Skinner) * Muileann Dubh: The Black Mill * Aandowin At The Bow * Clach Na Cudain: THe Cross Of Inverness * The Earl Of Lauderdale * Jack Is Yet Alive * Loch Earn (Nath Gow) * Lochrynach * Lord MacDonald * Lord Elcho (Robt Mackintosh) * Miss Barstow (Robt Mackintosh) * Miss Douglas Moncrieff (Robt Mackintosh: As played by Douglas Lawrence) * Torryburn Lasses * The Auld Wheel (Mill O' Hirn, Crathes) (J S Skinner) * The Brides Reel Mrs Scott Skinner (J S Skinner) * The Bridge Of Dee (J Young) * The Bridge Of Tilt (As played by Angus Cameron) * Dalkeith House (Jas MacDonald) * Deil Stick Da Minister * Donald Blue * Da Forfeit O' Da Ship * The Forth Bridge (W Blyth) * Pretty Peggy * Rachel Rae (John Lowe) * Jenny Dang The Weaver * Da Mirrie Boys O' Greenland * Miss Susan Cooper (R Cooper) * Largo's Fairy dance (Nath Gow arr J M Hunter) * Sleepy Maggie (Arr J M Hunter) * Taste Da Green * The Spey In Spate (J S Skinner) * The Wind That Shakes The Barley * Angus Campbell Glasgow (J S Skinner) * Bonnie Banchory (J S Skinner) * Brandlings (Abr Mackintosh) * The Earl Of Crawford (P Milne) * The Bungalow (J S Skinner) * The Deil Amang The Tailors * Gillian's Reel (P Milne) * Da Tushkar (R Cooper) * A A Gladstone Edinburgh (J S Skinner) * Duntroon Castle ( As played by Arthur S Robertson) * The High Road To Linton * The Earl Of Errol (F Peacock) * The Hurdle Race (Jas. Fraser) * John McNeil ( P Milne) * Inver Lasses * James F Dickie (J M Henderson) * The Left-Handed Fiddler (J S Skinner) * Kate Dalrymple ( Arr J M Hunter) * Lady Doll Sinclair * The Marquis Of Huntly ( P Milne as played by Arthur S Robertson) * The Marquis Of Tullybardine ( John Crerar) * The Mason's Apron * The Mill Burn (Jas. Fraser) * The Perth (Shire) Hunt (Miss Stirling) * Miss Wedderburn * Mrs McLeod Of Ramsay * Reel Of Tulloch * The St. Kilda Wedding * Sheep Shanks * Sir Reginald MacDonald * The Stuart's Rant * The £10 Fiddle ( J S Skinner) * The Waverley Ball (Joseph Lowe) * Timour The Tartar ( Arr J M Hunter) * Frank Gilrush (P Milne) * Archie Menzies (John Lowe) * Carnie's Canter (J S Skinner) * Dunkeld Bridge (Niel Gow) * The Perth (Shire) Assembly (S Duncan) * Willie Pottinger's Reel (T Anderson) * The Countess Of Sutherland (G Jenkins arr J M Hunter) * Colonel McBain * Captain Keeler * Lady Charlotte Campbell (Robt Mackintosh arr J M Hunter) * Lady Montgomerie (Lord Eglintoun) * Miss Mary Walker of Peterhead (J S Skinner) * Miss Cameron Of Balvenie (Wm Marshall) * Miss Dumbreck * Miss Elenora Robertson (Robt Mackintosh) * Miss Loudon (Robt Lowe) * Miss Margaret Graham Of Gartmore's Favourite (Wm Marshall) * Mrs Fraser Of Cullen (Wm Marshall) * Geordie Affleck * Miss Gordon Of Gight (I Cooper) * Mrs McPherson Of Gibton (Wm Marshall) * Nuaghalachd: The Novelty (Capt S Fraser).

JIGS: Drummond Castle * The New-Rigged Ship (Miss Finlay's Delight) * Tam Hunting Horn (I Munro) * Dunfries House ( J Riddell * Drops Of Brandy * The Haymakers * Hamilton House * Middling, Thank You * Da Foula Reel * Miss Hannah Of Elgin (Wm Marshall) * Andrew Carr * Down The Tannoch Road ( A Harper) * The Lassies O' Dunse * Miss Sally Hunt Of Thurston (Nath Gow) * Miss Stewart Of Bombay (Wm Marshall) * The Muckin' O' Geordie's Byre * The Deuks Dang O'er My Daddie * Peter's Peerie Boat (T Anderson) * Lamb Skinnet * The Cock Of The North * Miss Stewart's Fancy (Abr Mackintosh) * Newcastle Bridge (Abr Mackintosh) * Rattlin' Roarin' Willie * The Stool Of Repentance (Niel Gow) * Teviot Brig * Balcomie House * Light And Airy * Miss Ann Cameon Of Balvenie (Wm Marshall).

COUNTRY DANCES AND SCOTS MEASURE: The Cairdin' O't * The East Neuk O' Fife * The Flowers Of Edinburgh * The Marchfield Brae Scots Measure (R Gonnella) * Miss Catherine Maxwell's Scots Measure (Abr Mackintosh) * The White Cockade * Staten Island * Meg Merrilees * Roxburgh Castle * The Soldieres Joy * Speed The Plough * The triumph * The Dashing White Sergeant * Johnnie In Nether Mains (Niel Gow) * Miss Andy Campbell's Scots Measure (A McGlashan) * Petronella * Lady Mary Hay's Scots Measure.

HORNPIPES: The Newcastle Hornpipe (J Hill) * The Trumpet Hornpipe * Loch Leven Castle * The Rights Of Man * Harvest Home (Arr J M Hunter) * Miss Gayton * The Mathematician (J S Hunter) * The Hawk Hornpipe ( J Hill arr J M Hunter) * The Bow-Legged Bosun (J M Hunter) * Admiral Nelson ( Niel Gow) * The College Hornpipe * The Bee's Wing Hornpipe (J Hill) * The High Level Hornpipe (J Hill) * The Second Star Hornpipe (G Tate arr with variations by Arthur S Robertson) * Banks Hornpipe (Parazottis).

MARCHES: Delting Bridal March * Eiridh Na Finnacha' Gaelach: The Rebel War Song * The Barren Rock Of Aden (A MacKellar) * Da Guisers' March (G Stove) * Scott Skinner's Compliments To Dr MacDonald (J S Skinner) * The Athole Highlanders' Farewell To Loch Katrine (W Rose) * The Cameron Highlanders (J S Hunter) * McLean Of Pennycross (A Ferguson as played by Arthur S Robertson) * Mangister Voe (T Anderson) * Mr Michie (A Fitchet) * The Athole Volunteers March (Niel Gow) * McGregor's Freedom March (I Munro).

MISCELLANEOUS: Orange And Blue (As played by Bill Hardie) * The Hen's March To The Midden * Quickstep (Niel Gow: vars. by J M Hunter) *Mormond Braes * The Lovat Scots (J S Skinner) * The Bonnie Lass O' Fyvie * Hon Capt Elliot's Quickstep (J Pringle) * The Peterhead Polka * Campbell's Polka ( J M Hunter) * The Barnyards Of Delgaty * McFarlane O' The Sproats O' Burnieboozie (W Kemp) * Aith Rant.

Paperback (188 pp)

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