12 Tracks: Heave Away * A Song For Audrey * The Last Lighthouseman * Happy Man * The Girls Back Home * The Leavin' O' The Flo'ers * Miserable Song II * Soon Be Tomorrow * The Window Of My Heart * Arrilas * Take Me Dancing * Sail Away.

A solo album from Edinburgh singer/songwriter Jim Weatherston.

Jim is known for his work within the four-piece folk band Ragged Glory.

Includes a booklet with song lyrics.

"I had the privilege of producing and recording Jim's solo CD which has just been released. "Take Me Dancing". It really is jam packed with goodies. Melodic, poignant, emotive, emotional and damned well clever self penned material. Jim is a strong instrumentalist; generally guitar and bass, and his voice is reminiscent of Neil Young with a Scottish accent. (I am a Neil Young fan.)." Ian Bruce - Feb 2018.

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