(April 2012) 12 tracks: Jigtime Medley: The Old Barn Jig / The Muckin' O' Geordie's Byre / The Glasgow Gaelic Club / Farewell To The Tay * Jacobite Waltz Medley: Come O'er The Stream Charlie / Charlie Is My Darling / Wha Will Follow Charlie / Will Ye No Come Back Again * The Primrose Polka * Mairi's Wedding (reel): Mairi's Wedding / Highland Laddie / Scotland The Brave / Mount Stewart House * The Road To The Isles (4x32 Strathspey): The Road To The Isles / The Banks O' Clyde / The Sidlaw Hills * Military Two Step: The Highland Brigade At Tel-El Kebir / Major John McLennan / Gordon Highlanders * Waltz Country Dance: Loch Lomomd / Kelvingrove / Blaeberries * Lamb Skinnet: Lamb Skinnet / The Bugle Horn / Jimmy's Jig / Hot Punch * The Gay Gordons: The Gay Gordons / The Barren Rocks Of Aden / The Dundee Military Tattoo * Highland Schottische: Jenny's Bawbee / Kafoosalum / Lord Moira * The Reel Of The 51st Division (8 x 32 Reel): The Drunken Piper / The Portree Men / The Inverness Gathering * The Jigtime Polka.

A superb selection of Scottish dance music originally recorded in 1958.

The tracks have been digitally enhanced for CD.

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