(July 2008) : The Girls Along The Road * The Lass With The Bonny Brown Hair * The Russian Retreat * The Flower Of Corby Mill * The Irishman’s Hornpipe * The Corncrake Among The Whinny Knowes * The Boys Of Sandy Row * The Keys Of The Kingdom * Glenone * The Shipcarpenter’s Wife * Willie Nichol’s Polka * The Great Spy * Glenarm Bay * The Heights Of Alma * The Clogmills Factory Girls * Jackson’s Return * Reilly The Fisherman * The Missus, Her Mother, The Bulldog And Me.

On the Veteran label.

One of the great voices of Irish traditional song and also a renowned musician, teacher, songmaker and tunesmith.

This CD is a selection from John's songs, along with some fascinating pieces from his unique repertoire of old trad fifing tunes.

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