A collection of jigs, waltzes, reels, slow airs and miscellaneous tunes composed over the last ten years by the Battlefield Band fiddler.

Plus a few arrangements of traditional tunes.

Paperback 62 pages.

56 tunes: Joe's Tuxedo Jig * The Camel's Hump Jig * Tulip's Jig * Does This Train Go To Bellshill Jig * Sandy Hall Jig * Simon Thoumire's Jig * Bag Of Plums Jig * The Toastie Jig * Khazie Jig * Trip To Kilkenny Jig * Waltz For Cu Waltz * Radio Sweetheart's Waltz * Breakfast At Bewleys Waltz * Emma And Jamie's Wedding Waltz * Shiela And Gerry's Wedding Waltz * Brigid's Waltz * Manor Park Waltz * Craiguecullen Waltz * Trip To The Bronx Reel * Bubba's Reel * The Keep Left Sign Reel * The Steel Reel * Frank's Reel * Bobby Reel * Let There Be Drams Reel * Shake A Leg Reel * Miss Sharon McCusker Reel * The Bouncing Czech Reel * Trina's Reel * Stananivy Reel * The Bishop's Son Reel * For All The Cows Reel * Floating Candles Reel * The Cumbernauld Perenials * John Daly's Hornpipe * Wee Michael's March * Bridie's Hornpipe * Eck's Polka * Tom Paine's Strathspey * Xesus And Felisa * Curstaidh's Farewell Slow Air * Farewell To Ravenscraig Slow Air * Dalnabreac Slow Air * Margaret Ann Slow Air * Magheracloone Slow Air * Miss Kate Rusby Slow Air * Bothwell Boy Slow Air * St Bride's Way Slow Air * Air For Jakes Slow Air * Wobegon Slow Air * Biodag Aig MacThomais * MulQueen's Reel * Roisin The Beau * McFadden's Handsome Daughter * Rose In The Heather * Blue Bonnets Over The Border.

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