(January 2008) 17 tracks: Eva Three-step * St Bernard's Waltz * Military Two-step * Strip The Willow * Virginia Reel * Westray One-step * Irish Waltz * Eva Three-step * Queen Victoria * Dashing White Sergeant * St Bernard's Waltz * Boston Two-step * Palais Glide * Eva Three-step * Pride Of Erin Waltz * Gay Gordons * St Bernard's Waltz.

The Westray Band has been playing for ceilidh dancing for seventeen years now, and their lively sound always ensures a packed hall.

John P Drever on accordion takes the lead, with guitars and drums creating an authentic Orkney village hall sound.

John P Drever (accordion) with Liz Drever (guitar), Jim Brown (guitar), Duncan Drever (bass), Jim Leisk (bass) and Kenneth Harcus (drums).

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