(August 2008) 13 tracks: The Recruited Collier * Maggie Lauder * The Horse's Bransle Set * She Moved Through The Fair * Mingulay Boat Song * Motherless Child * The Sally Gardens * The Invalid Regiment * The Lark In The Clear Air * The Terror Time * Welcome The Stranger * The Bordy Terror Set * The Passing Of A Queen.

An unusual combination of singing and small pipes, Judy is a singer who accompanies herself on the Scottish Small Pipes with an emphasis on creating harmonies between the voice and pipes.

Arrangements of traditional and contemporary music, including some of Judy's own songs and tunes.

Featuring Fiona Cuthill (fiddle), Wendy Weatherby (cello), Stevie Lawrence (guitar, bouzouki, percussion, hurdy gurdy), Sally Thomas (flute) and Mike Barer (accordion).

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