12 Tracks: Royal Oak * The Tron * West End Hotel * Tannas * Maisie McClue’s * The Tea Wifie * Reverie * Ensign Ewart * New Friends * Hjaltibonhoga * Take The Floor * The Half Pipe Lament.

A debut album from Scottish fiddle player, Julia Dignan.

Together with friends old and new, they capture some of Julia's favourite musical moments from the last 30 years!

A story lies behind each of the twelve tracks on the album and the accompanying sleeve notes provides an insight into the tune selection.

Julia is originally from Montrose, Angus and her debut album demontrates has a wealth of experience in performing.

The album is dedicated to Billy Craib who died suddenly in July 2019- a true legend in the world of Scottish Dance Music.

The Tea Wifie features: Julia Dignan (fiddle), Calum Wood (guitar), Colin MacKenzie (guitar), Matthew Maclennan (accordion and piano), Siannie Moodie (clarsach), Eddie Benfield (fiddle), Marcos Watt (pipe band snare drum), Johnny Dignan (bagpipes), Billy Craib (double bass) , Michael Meenan (drums), Russell Hunter (piano), Iain Macleod (mandolin), Simon Thoumire (concertina), Kevin MacKenzie (guitar), Kevin Macleod (tenor guitar and mandolin), Margaret Robertson (piano), Ian "Wallet" MacKenzie (accordion), Jason J Dove (piano and accordion), Sandy Brechin (accordion), Andrew Mill (guitar), William Oke (bass), Ross Anderson (cajon), John Martin (fiddle), David Boyter (guitar), Esther Kuck (bodhran) and Toby Shippey (snare drum).

"I first met Julia in the Edinburgh session scene just as the Nineties were kicking off. She seemed like such a wholesome, disciplined character, with her 'peaches and cream' complexion, flowing skirts and poised posture. But, as we all know looks can be deceiving! We embarked on a great few years of tunes and fun together, and there's a fantastic sense of that on this album. She's been under the radar for far too long. It's a real pleasure to listen to her play again." Eilidh Shaw 2019.

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