Julie Fowlis - Alterum (LP)

Julie Fowlis - Alterum (LP)

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Julie's latest album 'Alterum' in vinyl is available now.

The Latin title of her fifth studio album ‘alterum’ gently suggests that this record offers a departure to what has gone before.

Julie not only sings in English for the first time on one of her own albums but also offers up a beautiful traditional Galician song, 'Camarinas', the result of a minority-language collaboration called 'Facing the Atlantic'.

She is a well established artist on the world stage, this album showcases her flawless vocals and boundless musicality.

"The concept behind ‘alterum’ appealed to me in its interpretation of being spiritual and otherworldly, in the context of interpreting loss and where it goes. My own work is steeped in tradition and historical reference, specific to the Highlands with a leaning to many beliefs and cultures, and therefore locations were identified which were both of the sea and the land, the two most contrasting elements we exist in, featuring horizons separating expansive skies and dark brooding waters, in addition, feathers were introduced depicting journey, transition in this case, Owl feathers silent in flight, of the night, the dark a place of mysticism and intrigue, we used them in a headdress, a link to a more ancient association." Julie Fowlis.

"The irresistible allure of Gaelic song presents itself in many forms, but when that enchantment comes through the voice of Julie Fowlis, there are few who fail to fall under the spell. The title of Julie’s fifth studio album, alterum suggests change – a moving forward; perhaps a surprising choice, given that for over ten years the career of this gifted North Uist singer, musician and broadcaster has been a constant moving forward." Neil McFadyen fruk.

"Fowlis's ascent to international stardom, putting Gaelic folk on the world music map, is evidence that a sublime voice transcends language and culture." The Guardian.

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