This title is a Music Scotland All Time Bestseller.

Trad Music In The Media winner (for the movie Brave) at the Scots Trad Music Awards 2012

(January 2011) (60 mins) 13 tracks: Ho bha mi, he bha mi (Ho I was, he I was) * M' fhearann saidhbhir (My land is rich) / Nellie Garvey's / 'G loman nan gamhan 's mi muladach / Jerry's Pipe Jig * Oganaich uir a rinn m' fhagail (O noble youth who has left me) * A Chatrion' Og (Young Catriona) * Tha brogan ur agam a-nochd (I have new shoes tonight) / The Cat and The Dog / Mo chuachag 's laghach thu (My beloved you are so nice) * Lon-dubh (Blackbird) * Turas san Lochmor (Journey in the Lochmor) * Biodh an deoch seo 'n làimh mo ruin (This drink would be in the hand of my love) * The Thatcher / Peter Byrne's / The Soup Dragon / Isaac's Welcome to the World * Rugadh mi 'teis meadhan na mara (Me zo ganet é kreiz er mor / I was born in the midst of the sea) * Hug air a' bhonaid mhoir (Celebrate the great bonnet) * Thornton Jig / Chloe's Passion / Are you ready yet? / S toigh learn fhin buntàta 's im / Tha Fionnlagh ag innearadh / Thug oiridh thiridh thairidh * Pabay Mor (with Dougie MacLean).

Julie Fowlis recorded live on stage with her band at Pitlochry Festival Theatre, as part of Dougie MacLean's Perthshire Amber Festival.

Featuring tracks from all three of Julie's studio albums to date, plus a song duet with Dougie MacLean - a bilingual re-working of his beautiful song Pabay Mòr.

Encapsulating the unmistakable live energy and feel of Julie and the band, after a summer of touring, playing and fine tuning their set.

Julie's previous studio recording Uam was named Album Of The Year at the Scots Trad Music Awards 2010.

Julie Fowlis (vocals, whistle) with Éamon Doorley (bouzouki), Duncan Chisholm (fiddle), Tony Byrne (guitar) and Martin O'Neill (bodhran).

"Fowlis could be the first Scottish Gaelic crossover star in the making..." (Daily Telegraph)

"Fowlis has touched an audience normally immune to the charms of Gaelic crofters' songs, such is the sweetness of her voice. Drawn from her three studio albums, this live set from last year's Amber festival in Pitlochry finds her and her quartet in immaculate form, skipping between spirited tinwhistle jigs, mournful ballads and her version of McCartney's 'Blackbird'... (The Observer)

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