This title is a Music Scotland All Time Bestseller.

13 Tracks: Gura Mise Tha Gu Dubhach * A' Bhirlinn Bharrach * Ca Na Dh'fhag Thu M'Fhichead Gini * Ci An Fhidheall / Cupair Thu, Taillear Thu * Urnaigh A Bhan Thigreach * Cha Teid Mor A Bharraigh Bhronach * Maol Ruanaidh Ghlinneachain * Saoil A Mhor Am Pos Thru * Taladh Throndairnis * Chuir Iad An T-Suil A Pilot ban * Eilean Fraoich * Si Nochd A' Chiad Oidche 'N Fhoghair * Cadal Cha Dean Mi.

A delightful solo album from the internationally recognized lead vocalist of the acclaimed folk band Capercaillie, Karen Matheson.

This album "Urram" (Gaelic for Respect) is a musical love letter to her family's Hebridean roots, with a collection of timeless Gaelic songs, love songs, lullabies, mouth music and evocative poems to the surroundings.

The sound of the album is contemporary and features an international cast with guest musicians: Seiko Keita, Senegal (kora), Soumik Datta, India (sarod), Innes White (guitar), Sorren MacLean (guitar), Mr McFall's Chamber group (strings), Donald Shaw (producer, piano).

"The ability to inject pure emotion into a song. The kind of voice that can leaves you shell-shocked." The Sunday Times.

"This album came about after finding old photographs when my parents died. They sent me on a journey of discovery about their early lives, their ancestors, the tales of hardship, emigration and the losses of war, which compelled me to connect musically with what was important to them.The songs themselves are a mixture of those learnt as a child and songs gathered from the amazing archives of digitized recordings by the School Of Scottish Studies. It is the first time that I have recored a solo album of purely Gaelic material and it's been a joy to collaborate with such great musicians from the World music scene." Karen Matheson.

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