11 Tracks: Caterpillars * Jardin De Pamplemousse * Mushrooms On The Moon * Swimmings Of The Head * Tanz Tanz Tanz * Cutty Wren * Woolyboy And The Crying Mountain * Grey Blanket * Million Dollars * Solhemajokull * Semaphore Sauvage.

An exciting duo who deliver their own unique blend of original and folk-influenced music.

The album is the result of many years of creating stories, journeys, musical creativity of a wayward and unexpected nature.

Kate Young (Scottish fiddle) and Raphaël Decoster (accordion) form a rare sound of intimacy, playfulness and depth.

Kate is also known for her work with Songs of Separation (winners of BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards 2017 (Album of the Year’), as well as Eliza Carthy MBE in Carthy, Oates, Farrell and Young, and her own band, Kate in the Kettle.

Raphaël is from Lille in the North of France and plays with French Bal-folk band, Zlabya and duo Peut-être Jeanne.
Self-taught musician, Raphaël Decoster started playing the accordion in 2006, discovering at the same time a passion for folk music and dance. Since that he started a long journey learning about music from the folk dance or ‘Bal’ scene in France and Belgium, which led him to collaborations with many musicians and creating different projects.

His approach to music is spontaneous, visual and emotional. His compositions are based on stories that change depending on the time and place, they reveal imageries without showing the whole painting. With the spirit of folk dance embedded within the soul of his music, this original vision of ‘Bal Folk’ is still inspired by tradition whilst leaving space for the unexpected.

Kate Young (fiddle, voice, mandolin, sansula), Raphael Decoster ( diatonic accordion).

Tim Lane (tongue drum, percussion, trombone), Theo Kaiser (trumpet).

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