(1996) 13 tracks (49 mins): Mystery of Amergin * Sine ds Reel * Vijay's * Tune for Aidan * Leons Jig * Little Firey One 1 * Little Firey One 2 * Garten Mather's Lullaby * Ginepo Leer * The Oak Tree * Reel for Farzanch * Logan Water * The Blackbird.

With Sean O'Rourke (saxophone, flute, whistle, guitar, bass, bodhran, bouzouki), Paul Henderson (guitar, synth) and Vijay Kangutkar (percussion).

The Keltz' music is based on traditional, celtic forrns. However, the concepts applied to these forms, such as improvising over the form of the tune and creating interest through tension and release by using ingoing and outgoing harmony, are ideas developed in the Jazz world.

An extra twist is added to the music by the use of Indian percussion. There are parallels between Indian classical music and celtic music. Both are highly decorative, strongly rhythmic and linear, using patterns based on sets of scales.

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