(September 2009) (41 mins): Everybody's Reaching Out For Someone * Thanks To You * 'Till A Tear Becomes A Rose * Someone Is Looking For Someone Like You * Rose Coloured Glasses * Walking Piece Of Heaven * Trucker's Wallet * Her Husband And Her Lover * My Darling Kathleen * Mairia's Heading Out To California * Holding Things Together * Louisiana Saturday Night.

The ever-popular Kenny Watson was born in Aberdeen. His family being farmers, Kenny was brought up 'in the country'.

Kenny started listening to Country music whilst in his 20s, as he rode his truck around the highways and byways of the UK.

Kenny Watson (vocals) with Phil Anderson (guitar, mandolin), Gordon Gunn (fiddle), Richard Nelson (steel guitar), Manson Grant (bass, piano, keyboards, trumpet), Robert Cameron (drums, saxophone), Keith MacLeod (vocals) and Fiona Taylor (vocals).

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