(October 2011) 13 tracks: Da Bixter Rant / Stout's Trip To Skea * Christmas Day I'Da Mornin * Da Foula Reel / Tilly Plump * Aith Rant / Vallafield * Da Unst Bridal March * Faroe Rum / Andowin At Da Bow / Da Forefit O Da Ship * Da Farder Ben Da Welcomer / Dus Bun Lang Awa An Im Tocht Lang Tae See Dee * Da Silver Bow * Sandy Ower Da Lea / Da Cross Reel * If I Get A Boanie Lass / Jeannie Shock Da Bairn / Oot Be Est Da Vong * Da Fields O' Foula / Gasters Dream / Da Brig * Da Bride's A Boanie Ting * Minnie O' Shirva's Cradle Song.

Kevin's debut album in his own name, the title meaning To Arrive Back Home, with purely traditional Shetland tunes from across the islands. An effortlessly beautiful masterpiece.

Kevin is a founder member of Shetland group Fiddler's Bid formed in 1991, has been a member of Boys Of The Lough since 2002 and Session A9 since 2004. Recently he helped to co-found the Nordic trio, The Nordic Fiddlers Bloc.

Kevin Henderson (fiddle), Mattias Perez (guitars, mandola), Nina Perez (fiddle on track 13).

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