(December 2006) Talk * Contentment Is Wealth * Dunphy's Hornpipe * Dinny O'Brien's * The Little Thatched Cabin * The High Level * Talk * Kevin Keegan's Waltz * The Rambles Of Kitty * Maid Among The Roses * Adeste Fideles * An Comhra Donn * Moloney's Wife * Talk * The High Reel * The Trip To Athlone * George Whyte's Favourite * Off To California * Battle Of Aughrim * Talk * I Wish I Never Saw You * The Blackbird * The Cuckoo.

Recordings from various sources show the enthusiastic playing of the two row B/C accordion of Kevin Keegan (1924-78). He toured with the Aughrim Slopes Ceili Band in the 1950s, and when they left the USA he stayed behind to start a new life there.

As well as his playing there are a couple of songs and some spoken introductions.

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