12 Tracks: KCPB Set: Kirkwall City Pipe Band / Pipe Major Robert Martin * Duncan McInnes MSR: Duncan McInnes / Archie Duncan / Lexy MacAskill * The Water is Wide * 6/8 Marches: Lily Christie / Farewell To The Creeks * Inisheer * Eggman Medley: The Eggman / Ashton Lane / Tricia's Song / Short-Coated Mary / MacArthur Road * Smallpipe Set: Father John Macmillan Of Barra / Chasing Shadows / Carnival Reel * Atween Da Wadder * 2/4 Marches: Piper's Cave / The 72nd Highlander's Farewell To Aberdeen / Pipe Major Willie Gray's Farewell To The Glasgow Police /Dunoon Home Guard * Hope To See * Cosmos Medley: Cosmos Cascade / Anada Pa Gael / Dr Flora MacAulay, Carradale / The Duck * Going Home.

'Rocks And Salty Water' the latest CD from the Kirkwall City Pipe Band released to celebrate their centenary.

On 23rd November 1919, a pipe band was formed to parade through the streets of Kirkwall to commemorate the Armistice of 1918.

One hundred years later, Kirkwall City PIpe Band is a thriving and sociable organisation of around 70 pipers and drummers.

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