12 Tracks: Jacked Up * Gabriel * Pine Marten * La Llama * Media Schmedia * Been Away Some Time * Do You Need Jesus * Well Worn Road * Highs And Lows * The Big Picture * Glimpses * Horses.

A debut album from the Aberdeen duo La-Llamas.

The La- Llamas are Davy Cattanach both known for their work with various bands including Old Blind Dogs, Pictones, Catford and Paddy Buchanan (Marionettes, Jigs Akimbo).

They started playing music together a few years ago, and now the first La-Llamas album is ready to be shared with the world.

The La-Llamas sound is a blend of Rootsy Americana and Celtic Folk built on a foundation of world music rhythms.

The songs on this album primarily explore the themes of philosophy and friendship, featuring tight harmonies, banjos, guitars and foot stompingly positive energy.

The album was written, recorded and produced by the band in Davy Cattanach’s Aberdeenshire home.

Davy Cattanach (vocals, guitar, percussion, Paddy Buchanan (vocals, banjo, guitar), Claire Howes (backing vocals), Mhairi Sinclair (backing vocals), Lindsay McCrone (backing vocals), Jenny Sturgeon (backing vocals).

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