13 Tracks: The Island (Dolores Keane) * Medicine Man (Mick Hanly) * Feel It In My Bones (Dolores Keane) * Words And The Bottle (Mick Hanly) * Walking On The Moon (Barrowside) * The Letter (Barrowside) * Sister And Brother (Dolores Keane) * Naughty But Nice (Peter O'Malley) * The Hunter's Purse (Arty McGlynn/Nollaig Casey) * Couple Of Kids (Johnny Duhan) * Tailltu's Lament (Jim Fitzpatrick's Erinsaga) * Believing (Keiran Halpin) * Caledonia (Dolores Keane).

An exceptional collection of songs from some of finest singer/songwriters from Ireland.

Featuring Dolores Keane, Mick Hanly, Barrowside, Peter O'Malley, Arty McGlynn, Nollaig Casey, Johnny Duhan, Jim Fitzpatrick, Keiran Halpin.

Together they capture the magical culture of the beautiful Emerald Isle.

The selected songs on this album showcases what today's Irish songwriters are producing.

Artist biographies plus complete lyrics in the booklet.

Released 2018 Arc Music productions

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