(1994) 12 tracks (46 mins): Illean Bithibh Sunndach (Boys Be Happy) * Seann Oran Seilge (An Old Hunting Song) * Griogal Cridhe (Beloved Gregor) * Puirt-a-beul (Mouth Music): (Eadaraibh a huinn o/ Domhnall dubh an Domhnallaich/ Nighean rudh' bhan/ Meal do bhrogan/ Ciamar a ni mi an dannsa direach) * Crodh an Tailleir (The Tailor's Dowry) * Barcelona * Ailein Duinn (Brown Haired Alan) * Mrs. Jamieson's Favourite * Puirt-a-beuI (Mouth Music): (Dh'fhaibhainn sgiobalta/ Fhuair mi nead a ghurra-gug/ Fear a bhios fada gun phosadh/ Ruidhlidh na coillich dhubha) * A Chailin Aluinn (The Beautiful Girl) * Togail Curs air Leodhas (Setting a course for Lewis) * Braigh Uige (Uig Brae).

The members of Mac-talla are already well known as leaders in the field of Gaelic music and song. Christine Primrose, Eilidh Mackenzie and Arthur Cormack have all led the way in breaking the mould into which Gaelic song had been forced. Through their extensive repertoire, fine voices, impeccable style, and critically acclaimed records, the audience for this proud tradition has been vastly widened.

To say that Alison Kinnaird (Scottish harp and 'cello) and Blair Douglas (keyboards and accordion) accompany the singers is to underestimate their influence and importance to the overall sound. Both these musicians are foremost exponents of their instruments, and their understanding and sympathy for the tradition gives as much to the songs as it owes to them.

These singers and musicians have known and played with each other, both formally and informally, over many years.

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