13 tracks: Oran Chaluim Sgaire * Ailean Duinn * Fath mo mhulaid a bhith ann * Soraidh bhuam gu Eilean Bharraigh * Puirt a beul * Mo thruaigh leir thu ille bhuidhe * Sheol mo run * Co ni mire rium? * Oran do Eilean Mhiughlaidh * Disathuirne ghabh mi mulad * Ochoin a Righ gur e mi tha muladach * 'S toigh leam an ciobair * Gur e mis' tha gu tinn.

"I first met and worked with Maeve MacKinnon when we were both sheltered by Saint Chrissie MacPhee at Leth Mheadhanach. At first I thought she was a Spey Wife or Fortune Teller until I learned what Gaelic-Medium really meant. I loved her singing immediately, and we collaborated on two songs, neather of which I notice on this collection - an obvious oversight! Maeve has a very happy sincerity in her delivery and a flourish of colours in her voice. This truth is apparent on this recording , which is not always the case, and makes for so much more than a mere good performance. This music will also travel well because of this. Humans can detect lies in any language, so this album can go from Barra to Borneo with confidence. Maeve was very bashful but had a quiet determination about her when she told me in Ullapool that she wanted to make this album. I'm glad she took the time and care * she has every right to be very proud of the results. I can hear her smile." (Michael Marra)

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