(November 2003) 103 mins

Two charming films for a traditional family Christmas.


A beautiful production of the enchanting story of the Christmas carol Silent Night. Set in a picturesque Austrian village, The Christmas Mouse is a magical tale of mice who mend church organs and a small boy whose wish to create a very special tune for Christmas Day is granted with the assistance of his tiny friend, A Nonny Mouse.

Starring Lynn Redgrave, Gregor Fisher, John Cairney, Bill McCue, Jack McKenzie, Phil McCall and Richard Blane.

"A very memorable children's tale" (The Guardian)

"The acting is delightful and the photography gives all the scenes the ambience of an antique Christmas Card" (The Seattle Times)


Santa Claus (James Coco) is having an identity crisis. Everywhere he goes he sees lookalikes. He seeks help from a New York psychiatrist (Jon Pertwee) and together they trace the legend of St Nicholas through the ages and across foreign lands - including Turkey, Italy, Holland, Siberia, Israel, Britain and America.

How Santa first worked miracles, why he started giving gifts, and how he managed to fly with his reindeers through the night skies and come down chimneys. This blend of seasonal comedy, drama and facts has guaranteed this film its place as a perennial TV Christmas favourite all over the world - great entertainment for all the family!

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