(August 2013 ) 12 tracks: T-Shirts In March * Life In The Vass Lane * Retreat Marches * Teviot * Polska Fran Sormland * Can't Play A House * Miss Proud * The Rollercoaster * Hornpipes * Pipe Jigs * The Cottage * F Set.

A superb second album from the fantastic Scottish duo Mairearad and Anna, highlighting their skill and perfect musical collaboration.

As the CD title 'Doubling' suggests, Mairearad and Anna double up on a variety of instruments to create a fuller sound.

A doubling is a bagpipe ornament, two sounds on one note, this album showcases their inner harmony as players.

Music making at its best from this successful partnership, with inspirational tunes and playing that delights.

Both are in demand as performers and composers, they are at the forefront of the Scottish band scene.

Mairearad Green (accordion, pipes, keyboard), Anna Massie (guitar, fiddle, banjo, mandolin, percussion).

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