Mairi MacInnes - Grs

Mairi MacInnes - Gràs

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10 Tracks: Siantan (Storm) * Leanabachd (Childhood): Oran do Phenny / B'fhearr leam thin gum beiradh an t-eile / Gealbhodaich 'sa bheinn duibh * Comhrag (Battle): The Boys That Were / Na Gillean Nach Maireann * Meorachadh (Reflection): Mi'n Seo Nam Onar * Dealachadh (Parting): Bu Chaomh Leam Bhith Mire * Cairdeas (Kin): Bheir Soraidh, Soraidh Bhuam / Latha Siubhal Beinne Dhomh * Fealla Dha (Mischief): Fair an t-Seasgain * Fardach (Home): Tillidh Mi * Saothair (Toil): Iomaraibh Eutrom Ho Ho * Gras (Grace).

An exciting, long awaited album release from South Uist-born Gaelic singer, Mairi MacInnes.

A first solo album in over thirteen years, Gràs is well worth the wait, the beauty and purity of Mairi's voice as always inspirational.

One of Scotlands most accomplished Gaelic singers, she won the prestigious Gold Medal at the Royal National Mod in 1982, and has dedicated her career to the promotion of Gaelic music and culture throughout Scotland and beyond.

Mairi is truly a great ambassador for Gaelic music and culture.

Her voice, captivating and emotive has made her compelling listening for those interested in Gaelic music.

This carefully selected collection of songs include work songs, rhythmic vocal dance music, love songs and hymns and reflects many of the most important elements of our lives.

Two songs written by Mairi, track one Storm and the uplifting track Gras an adaptation from an ancient Gaelic prayer.

Featuring special guest vocalists and musicians: Karen Matheson (vocals), Paul MacCallum (vocals), Hamish Napier (producer, piano, flute, vocals), Aaron Jones (guitar, vocals), James Mackenzie (Highland bagpipe), James Macintosh (percussion).

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