11 Tracks: Tarves Parish * The Brisk Young Lad * The Twa Sisters * The Fairy King's Courtship * Son David * The Moss O' Burreldale / Lady Mary Ann * The Bonnie Hoose O' Airlie * Edzell's Bonnie Braes * Long Cookstown * The Term Time * The Wild Geese.

A fifth studio album from one of the most distinctive and accomplished bands on the Scottish folk scene, Malinky.

The album features songs from Scotland's north-east including Tarves Parish and Term Time from the landmark Greig-Duncan Folksong Collection, as well as songs from the classic ballad repertoire.

Produced by long-time friend of the band, Donald Shaw (Capercaillie).

Includes booklet with lyrics and potted history of the songs.

Malinky are: Steve Byrne (vocals, bouzouki, guitars, jaw's harp, harmonica), Mark Dunlop (vocals, whistles, flute, bodhran), Fiona Hunter (vocals, cello), Mike Vass (fiddle, tenor guitar, vocals).

"Between its members, the band holds substantial knowledge of folklore and traditional songs. As ever this is reflected in the rich and varied content of this release which also finds Mike Vass and Mark Dunlop back on board and Donald Shaw on production duties... With sights firmly set on preserving songs of their respective native traditions, the band have struck a perfect balance in retaining authenticity whilst remaining innovative and fresh in their approach to arrangement. This is an album of timeless quality that will call you back time and time again." Alice Tait, Folk Radio UK,

"Naturally, the vocal performances are magnificent. Fiona Hunter is surely one of the most commanding singers north of the border, clear as a bell and capturing the slightest nuances of narrative... And there's the playing. From a fiery 'The Term Time' to a spacious 'The Two Sisters', Far Better Days is a master class in arrangement, with Mark Dunlop's flute and whistles and Mike Vass's fiddle carrying and building upon melodies while Steve Byrne's guitar and bouzouki thread the songs together. All in all, this is another great release from one of Scotland's finest." Oz Hardwick, R2.

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