12 Tracks: Fiasco * Trod * Inspector * Pandora * Parallels * Autobahn * Fios * Alpha * Alone * An Dà Là * Strong * Hour.

A much anticipated third album from supergroup Manran.

The title comes from a Gaelic expression for great change, a central theme of the album.

These changes are most evident in the increased power, intricacy and maturity of the instrumental tracks as well as the strength of the new voices featured in the songs.

Rehearsed and gigged on the road before being recorded in Glasgow, this ‘road-testing’ method has undoubtedly resulted in Manran's strongest, most coherent and boldest album to date.

In the last three years have seen Mànran tour regularly throughout Scotland, the UK, mainland Europe and as far as the US, Australia and South Korea.

Manran : Gary Innes, Ewen Henderson, Ross Saunders, Ryan Murphy, Mark Scobbie, Craig Irvine.

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