(July 2007) The Kangaroo Paw (R 8x32) * The Open Road (J 4x32) * Christine's Fancy (S 3x32) * Reeling Roy (R 4x48) * Torridon Lassies (J 8x40) * The Glengarry Homestead (S 4x32) * The Buckinghamshire Lass (R 4x40) * Anne And Five Partners (J 5x48) * 3 Couple Encore (3x48) * The Avon Valley Strathspey (S 1x80) * Lauraine's Delight (R 3x48) * One Of A Kind (M 40R,40S,40R) * Flowers Of The West (S 4x40) * Dancing Girls (J 8x32).

A recording of Scottish Dance music for the Western Australian RSCDS.

The dances may be unknown elsewhere, but the music will ensure they become standards. Marian's band gives a full-bodied, lively sound at moderate tempos.

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