10 Tracks: Spectrum * Mayo 2 Manchester * Aran Islands * Brattfors I Brunt * Connemara Reel * Gracie's Lullaby * Queensferry Crossing * Muriel's Oatcakes * Captain MacDuff's * Spectrum Outro.

The Spectrum Project is the latest release from Marie, which explores the journey of being in the moment.

Marie has a holistic approach to her teaching, focusing on "the individual", style, musicianship, bowing patterns, ornamentation, "telling a story" through the tune, tone, energy, expression and so on.

Marie Fielding (5 string fiddle, Fiddle, Hardanger fiddle), Donogh Hennessy (guitar), Luc D McNally (guitar), Tom Orr (harmonium, piano).

"Recorded in an organic environment, focusing on mood and response, rather than rehearsing, planning and aiming for perfection, The Spectrum Project features 10 tracks of mostly my own compositions, never played before until the actual recording process. I wanted to capture energy, emotion and flow during the process. At times, I had a sense of being "suspended in the air"as the tracks emerged, searching for "landing places", like tension and release." Marie Fielding.

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