(February 2013) 13 tracks: Tuttle's Reels * Farewell To McCarthy's * Damo's Fish Tank * Laura's Tune * Banjo Reels * An Tra * Aan Dowin At Da Bow * Glengarry's Dirk * Raglan Road * Betsy Boo * Crested Hens * Walkin' With Walter * Amhran Na Leabhar.

Marie Fielding's latest project is a collaboration of Scottish and Irish musicians, sharing styles and repertoire.

The CD features a selection of traditional and several specially-written tunes, including an extended suite composed by Edinburgh fiddler Marie Fielding.

Scots fiddle and accordion maestros Marie and Tom Orr are joined on guitar by Donogh Hennessy.

The result - a superb and diverse album, great playing and arrangements, and sparkling tunes from a host of great musicians.

The track An Tra, meaning The Beach, is inspired by the stunning, romantic rural landscapes of Dingle, Kerry.

Marie Fielding (fiddle), Tom Orr (accordion, piano), Donogh Hennessy (guitar). Guest Musicians: Pauline Scanlon (vocal), Matt Griffin (guitar), Michael Herlihy (accordion), Trevor Hutchison (double bass), Dessi Kelliher (banjo), Damien Mullane, (accordion), Jeremy Spencer (fiddle).

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