Martyn Bennett and Margaret Bennett - Glen Lyon CD

Martyn Bennett and Margaret Bennett - Glen Lyon CD

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(February 2011 re-release of 2002 recording) 15 tracks: Peter Stewart, 1910 * Buain a' Choirce (Reaping Song) * Suid Mar Chuir Mi 'n Geamhradh Tharram (Night Visiting Song) * Uamh An Oir (Cave Of Gold) * A Fhleasgaich Uir, Leanainn Thu (Young Man, I'd Follow You) * Hò Rinn O (Unrequited Love Song) * A Theàrlaich Oig (Young Charles Stewart) * Cumha Iain Gairbh (Lament For John Macleod) * Hiùraibh ò, Ghràidh an Tig Thu? (Will You Return, My Love?) * Dh'èirich Mi Moch Maduinn Cheutain (Waulking Song) * Air Bhith Dhòmhsa (Reflections On My Brothers) * Cumha Mhic Criomain (MacCrimmon's Lament) * Oran Nam Mogaisean (Indian Moccasin Song) * Fhir a, Leadain Thlàth (Lad With The Smooth Tresses) * Griogal Cridhe (Glen Lyon's Lament).

Re-release of groundbreaking musician Martyn Bennett's 2002 album, with his mother Margaret as vocalist.

This song cycle rooted in Gaelic heritage finds Martyn Bennett capturing not just the traditional music of his surroundings but also its atmosphere and essence. Martyn weaves Margaret's singing into a tapestry made from the natural atmosphere of the Isle of Skye.

Margaret Bennett comes from a long line of traditional Gaelic singers, pipers and storytellers from Skye. She has sung at festivals and concerts internationally, and as one of the world's foremost authorities on Scottish folklore she features in several films, TV documentaries and is regularly on BBC Radio. She is also a prize-winning author.

"Glen Lyon is a song-cycle which takes its name from a remote area in the Central Highlands of Scotland. It is also the site of one of the most beautiful and haunting Gaelic laments known as Griogal Cridhe. Both the song and the place have long been a source of fascination for me. Like many areas of Gaelic Scotland, there was once a rich and vibrant culture that knew nothing of its own remoteness or the impending wave of change that would sadly and inevitably dissipate its seed across the globe..." (Martyn Bennett)

"There can be few on either side of the Atlantic who succeed in combining such a wide range of skills as Margaret Bennett. A folksinger of great sensitivity and versatility, she is undoubtedly one of the major figures of the modern Scottish Revival... Margaret embodies all that is best of the spirit of Scotland..." (Hamish Henderson)

"Features a cycle of Gaelic songs sung by his mother Margaret, and the family connection is extended with sampled field-recordings of his grandmother and great-great grandfather. Bennett has framed and interleaved mum's bright, delicate yet wiry vocals with restrained touches of fiddle, pipes, guitar, bass and percussion, as well as a wealth of found sounds - birds, bees, a ticking clock and a fishing-boat's bilge-pump - digitally transformed into loops and rich background textures... A bold, brilliant and often deeply moving synthesis of modern studio capabilities and the ageless potency of ancient songs, catalysed by one of the most fertile musical minds in the business." (Sue Wilson, Sunday Herald)

"Glen Lyon is refreshing, unexpected, understated and poetic - more of an experience than an album. The production is wonderfully restrained and all the better for that, the collection of songs an unhurried journey through the island's musical emotions, from happy to sad to reflective and back again... A beautiful collection of moods and textures, an ambient journey re-interpreting and in the process re-invigorating the Bennett family's musical tradition..." (Vince Hunt)

"Quite extraordinary... penetrating and emotive... of bloodlines that span generations and the globe..." (The Scots Magazine)

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