(October 2012) 11 tracks: Hook * Stratherrick Sunday * Aird Ranters * White Gate * Chimes * Tha Mi Fo Churam * I Can't Conceal * Breton * Stay With You * Lusignac * Shipbuilding.

Second album from this duo of harpist Mary Macmaster and drummer/percussionist Donald Hay.

A collection of instrumentals, traditional and contemporary songs, four of which were written by the duo, showing the versatility of the harp, using a lot of samples of harp noises, such as chords or the sound of the bow on the bass string of the electro harp.

Mary has worked with Sileas and The Poozies and is a leading exponent and innovator of the metal-strung clarsach and the Camac electro harp. She has been an influential part of the developing Scottish music scene.

The duo started by writing a commission for the Celtic Connections festival in Glasgow in 2002. This was a piece for five electro harps and drums. It was called “Three Days” and it was to celebrate the life of Joel Garnier, who invented the electro harp.

Mary Macmaster (harps, vocals), Donald Hay (drums, percussion, vocals, samples). Rory Campbell reads the poem in "I Can't Conceal."

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