10 Tracks: Meantime * Slade House * Minsteracres * King's * Port na bPucai * Cronin's * Wasted Day * Wild Geese * Southall * Clancy's.

A stunning debut album from Mark Tighe, who is currently an active member of the UK folk scene.

Matt was born in South London, with a London and South Trinidadian background.

He first discovered his love of traditional music and the fiddle listening to his parents' album collection: The Chieftains, Tom McConville and Pauline Cato in particular made a lasting impression.

After attending Cambridge Folk Festival and listening to traditional music live, he decided to learn the fiddle in earnest.

Matt has been a finalist in the Danny Kyle Open Stage at Celtic Connections and a semi-finalist in the BBC Radio 2 Young Folk Awards.

His style of playing is influenced by Irish and Scottish traditional music.

Tad Sargent (bouzouki), Chris O’Malley (piano), James Lindsay (double bass), Luke Daniels (melodeon) and Brian McNeill (concertina), who also produced the album

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