(January 2001) 14 tracks: Eence Upon A Time * Mary Mild * Black Waterside * The Bonnie Hoose o' Airlie * Fair Rosie-Anne * The Wimmen o' Dundee * Why Should I * Johnnie My Man * Donal Ogg * Silken Snood * The Cruel Mother * Eh'm A Dundee Lassie * Rue and Thyme * The Rantin' Laddie.

Maureen, born in Dundee, was very much influenced by the late Belle Stewart and Mary Brooksbank and felt a close affinity with their singing and their songs. Gordeanna McCulloch was another influence and was one of the singers Maureen heard at her first Kinross Festival. With her obvious love of the songs and her great sense of fun, Maureen has proved to be a great favourite, both as a solo artist and as part of the group Palaver.

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