Tracks: A Peak Apart * Skye * Màiri * St Kilda * Lullaby For Eilidh * Crear * Sìleas * Ae Fond Kiss * The Parting Glass.

'Airs' is a special collection of historic Scottish slow airs arranged by renowned pianist Mhairi Hall alongside her own original composed works.

This album goes far beyond the melody, capturing both the air passing through the piano and the space around it.

Mhairi recorded the album on a beautiful Model D Steinway Concert Grand Piano in Crear - 'Space To Create', Argyll during the Autumn of 2018.

Recorded over several days and during a Hebridean storm, this is a sublime modern classical recording mixed with folk overtones.

Landscape artist Beth Robertson Fiddes joins Mhairi with her first ever musical collaboration for the album, accompanying Mhairi throughout the creative journey, attending the recording and listening to the music as the album developed, all the while taking inspiration and composing her extraordinary mixed media paintings which work hand in hand with the music.

"The first public performance of Scottish pianist Mhairi Hall’s latest musical project, ‘Airs’, celebrating the release of a very special album. Synergising ambient sounds from nature, archive recordings and layers of warm harmonium with Mhairi’s beautiful piano interpretations of Scottish slow airs. Mhairi is joined on her ‘Airs’ journey by Scottish contemporary landscape artist Beth Robertson Fiddes, who has created a stunning exhibition of paintings, which shares inspiration with the music. An evocative, mellow evening for the ears and eyes awaits." Celtic Connections 2020.

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