(September 2009) 16 tracks (51 mins): Reels: Mullingar Races / Coen's Memories / Jim Donoghue's * Jigs: Munster Buttermilk / The Sheep In the Boat / Charlie Mulvihill's * Reels: The Pullet / The Boys of Portferry / The Dunmore Lasses * Polkas: Captain Moonlight's Army / Tom Billy Murphy's / Johnny O'Leary's * Jigs: Happy To Meet, Sorry To Part / Martin Hardiman's * Reels: Down the Broom / The Bush in Bloom * Jigs: James McMahon's / The Fairhaired boy / John McKenna's * Reels: Devanney's Goat / The Flax in Bloom * Jigs: Hughie Travers / What Would I Do If the Kettle Boiled Over? * Hornpipes: The Home Ruler / Jerry Daly's * Slow Air: Mountains of Pomeroy * Reels: Mick O'Connor's / McDonagh's / McCabe's * Jigs: Kitty Lie Over / Connie the Soldier * Reels: The Sailor's Jacket / Wexford Lasses * Jigs: Jerry Holland's / Humours of Rahey / Paddy Connolly's * Reels: Maids of Castlebar / Toss the Feathers / Lucy Campbell.

Multi-instrumental virtuosity from this gifted musical family: Mick Mulcahy (accordion, melodeon) and his daughters Louise (flute, uilleann pipes) and Michelle (concertina, fiddle, piano, harp).

With Cyril O'Donoghue (bouzouki) and Tommy Hayes (bodhran, bones).

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