15 Tracks: Memories Are Made Of This * Nancy Mulligan * Hey God * Walk With Me * Billy Can't Read * Galway Tae * Don't Mess With My Toot Toot * My Beautiful Wife * Enjoy Yourself * Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine * Dreaming My Dreams * I Want You To Want Me * The Long Goodbye * San Bernadino * Country Medley.

Latest studio album from Irish Country Star Mike Denver.

Mike regularly tours the Uk and his reputation as a classy entertainer and singer of beloved country songs, continues to bring him success.

Known to fans as the "Galway Boy", Mike delights with tracks on this album that include 'Memories Are Made Of This', 'Hey God', 'Silver haired Daddy Of Mine', 'Nancy Mulligan', The Long Goodbye and 'Enjoy Yourself'.

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