3 CD Box Set from Ireland's Number One Country Singer!

40 Tracks including Mike Denver classics, "Tommy K The DJ", "Paddy", "Boston Rose" and "A Walk In The Irish Rain".

CD1: Morning Sun And Memories * Jesus On The Jailhouse Floor * Some Girls Will Some Girls Won’t * I’ll Go To My Grave Loving You * Dance Tonight * Kentish Town Waltz * A Walk In The Irish Rain * Yellow Submarine * The Streets Of New York * Haunted House * Tommy K The DJ * Best Of Friends * Whiskey In The Jar * Bossa Nova Baby.

CD2: Still Feeling Blue * Boston Rose * No More Phone Calls * Paddy * Gentle On My Mind * Katie Daly * Knowing You’ll Be There * Run That By Me One More Time * Seven Drunken Nights * Gods Plan * I Want To Be In Ireland For The Summer * John O’Reilly (The Day Of My Return) * How We Got Country

CD3: Wasn’t That A Party * Funny Feeling * Why * Thank God For The Radio * The Time That God Sends * What Colour Is The Wind * Remember Me * Knowing You’ll Be There * You’re My Best Friend * Honey * Beautiful Sunday * The Rose Of Mooncoin * Making Memories Of Us * Seven Drunken Nights.

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