(October 2004) 15 tracks

On this solo album, Battlefield Band's Mike Katz plays the Highland bagpipes, the sweet 'small pipes' and various whistles, plus bass guitar.

He has been joined by various friends: renowned jazz guitarist Kevin MacKenzie (winner of a Creative Scotland Award), the Tannahill Weavers' fiddler John Martin, concertina mainman Simon Thoumire and of course his Battlefield Band colleague Alasdair White, also on fiddle.

The album features material ranging from very old traditional tunes to his own compositions, laced with some music from his Breton trips. As always with Mike there are lots of good stories about the music and the man's musicality will appeal to all who hear it.

"Piper Mike Katz's tunes with their droll titles remind you that their creativity isn't just a product of the recording studio..."

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